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Question Is Obama is destroying the Constitution? (Posted by: Anonymous )

robin Answered by: robin, an
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In a word, yes. Barack Hussein Obama is destroying the Constitution by using Chicago thug political techniques to mount broad and deep attacks on the Constitution, generally and the Bill of Rights specifically.

His military adventure into Libya, with United Nations authorization but without either consulting with Congress or receiving approval therefrom, was a direct attack on the Constitution's separation of powers, as is his appointment of multiple "White House czars." Obama's Justice Department has refused to perform its Constitutionally-mandated duty to defend and uphold all laws passed by the Congress by declining to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. These are just a few of the headliner assaults on the Constitution; at a level below general public awareness, many more are occurring.

Then we come to the Bill of Rights. Here, Obama is destroying the Constitution first with its continuing attempts to corrupt the First Amendment freedom of speech provisions with "diversity" efforts targeting radio stations with conservative talk-show hosts in order to bankrupt them through government-mandated requirements to include content that is politically+ correct but unprofitable.

Moving on to the Second Amendment, Obama's cartoon-like incompetence in the "Fast and Furious" gun-running affair (where the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms aided and abetted "straw buyer" gun purchaser efforts to provide Mexican drug cartels with U.S. weapons) exposed its intent to attack the right of Americans to keep and bear arms by creating a drug war-related excuse for restricting and criminalizing firearm possession.

So far, no attempts have been made to quarter troops in the homes of citizens without their consent.

The Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure are null and void as soon as you step into an airport, where you, your grandmother, and your infant children become subject to public sexual assault at the blue-gloved hands of Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) "workers."

In 2010, Obama's attorney general Eric Holder sought to soften Miranda protections for anyone accused of being a terrorist - a designation which Obama's "Homeland Security" secretary Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano now says includes, anti-abortion activists, gun owners, military veterans -- and Ron Paul supporters. Obama further attacked the Fifth Amendment with his takeover of General Motors, whereupon, the first-in-line creditors and bondholders were denied the monies due them and gave them to his union supporters, thereby violating the Fifth Amendment's last provision that no "private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

The assault on the Fifth Amendment is being made in concert with a parallel attack on the Sixth Amendment by seeking to "alter" its speedy trial and right-to-counsel provisions.

Obama has so far not turned his sights on destroying the Seventh Amendment's guarantee of a jury trial, or changing the Eighth Amendment's restrictions against excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishments.

He has, however, doubled down on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. In May 2011, he directed his attorney general to threaten Texas with a shutdown of all air travel into and out of the state if its legislature persisted in passing a law that would hold TSA workers criminally responsible for conduct defined as sexual assault. This came a year after Obama attacked Arizona for passing state laws that supported federal immigration laws -- but not Obama immigration policy.

This short-course summary on the ways in which Barack Hussein Obama is destroying the Constitution should serve as a serious wakeup call to all Americans, regardless of their political affiliations and philosophies, not including those who aid and abet this destruction.

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I. Violation of the right to assemble, the right to petition the government, and freedom of speech II. gun control violates the right to bear arms III. n/a IV. illegal search and seizure by TSA, and soon with door-to-door searches for weapons and confiscation of weapons by police and military, illegal and indefinite detention under NDAA without probable cause or a warrant V. NDAA nullifies due process of law and confiscation of property (guns) without compensation VI. NDAA will allow indefinite detention without a trial and all the protections and rights afforded the accused under the sixth amendment (speedy, public trial by jury of one's peers, right to an attorney, cross examination of one's accuser, VII. n/a civil court lawsuits do not apply VIII. NDAA indefinite detention without a trial is cruel and unusual punishment IX. and X. all rights retained by the people will be forfeited if the people are labeled "terrorists" by Obama Changes to the U.S. Constitution can only be enacted by the amendment process, NEVER by executive order. What Obama is doing is illegal and unconstitutional. Where is the checks and balance from the Supreme Court? By Armando on 24-01-13 at 06:59pm
Obama is NOT a natural born US Citizen. He was born in Kenya so that makes him; 1.) An Illegal Alein.
.) A Subversive Spy, intent on destroying America from within, something that we've been warned about before. 3.) A Terrorist. 4.) Guilty of High Treason which brings with it the Death Penality. So what is America waiting on ? lets arrest the dumb bastard and have him tried and Executed for destroying America ! By Bob on 02-02-13 at 10:36pm
Where is our Military to remove Obama immediately ? Why is the Rest of the government in collusion with Obama ? Who can we call on to get the job done OVERNIGHT ? What in the name of God, will happen to us if we DON'T get Obama removed in the SEVEN DAYS ? When will ALL the Good Guys come to Our rescue ? By Anonymous on 25-02-13 at 09:02pm
yes, in my opinion, he is trying to destroy to constitution! While the media was distracting us with the Boston marathon bombings, congress passed CISPA which is indirectly an infringement on our constitutional right of free assembly via the Internet. Not to mention that the military, FBI, and secret service personal conducted warrantless searches of many homes while looking for the bombing suspect. However, they confiscated many guns from home owners during a time when the Obama administration is trying to alter the
nd amendment due to all the recent shootings. Now, I'm no expert on the this subject but seems fishy to me.... And oh ya..... The entire boston marathon bombing seems like bullshishh to me By Anonymous on 29-04-13 at 09:15pm
QUO VADIS AMERICA. Barack Obama certainly wants to be a dictator. He has delusions of being one. He has openly longed to have the powers of a dictator, and now he is starting to ACT like one. The only problem is this is America and so far the Constitution still governs the United States. However, that has not stopped Obama from trying to act like a dictator. He even recently said: "Now, whenever Congress refuses to act, Joe [Biden] and I, we're going to act. In the months to come, wherever we have an opportunity, we're going to take steps on our own to keep this economy moving." For the leader of a supposed democratic government to assume, and use, dictatorial powers such as the Obama regime has done, coincides with news reports after his last election wherein he asked his aides how he could govern without the Congress. Not just to domestic laws Obama rules dictatorially now, but he has now turned the US State Department into his own personal cash machine, and as we can read, in part, as reported by The Guardian News Service: "Barack Obama has rewarded some of his most active campaign donors with plum jobs in foreign embassies, with the average amount raised by recent or imminent appointees soaring to $1.8m per post." His regime grew "beyond all logical scope and moral reason" after a Federal Court ruling once again allowed the White House to legally indefinitely detain persons that fit in the category of enemy combatants or merely provide them with support. His position of the consummate American Dictator-In-Chief is not truly being challenged by many, if any, of our elected officials. This administration's gutting of our resources and wealth is historically unprecedented. It was designed and is being implemented by the political power elite to impoverish the American people, via stealing all of their now former wealth, and create a single proletariat (worker) class that is dependent upon Obama's "benevolence" (for those who support the secular messiah) or malice (toward those who do not). And Obama's new energy policy is designed to increase utility rates to a now projected increase of more than $3,100/year/US household. The Washington Times notes: "A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that the cap-and-trade tax will cost every American family more than $3,100 per year!" Even worse, though few Americans are aware of it, the unconscionable Obamacare ruling of Chief Justice John Roberts stood to provide Obama unlimited and fundamentally irrevocable power less than
years after the November election, and Obama will now be able to select 15 individuals whose word will automatically become the law of the land. Furthermore, Obama himself has finally begun his now-open for all to see and hear demands for a dictatorship over the United States of America. A few days ago, Obama laid out his demands to Congress for not yet pushing the current America and its people over the ostensible fiscal cliff. These demands in By Anonymous on 26-07-13 at 02:03pm
There is a strong possibility that Obama has the Congress under mind control and that is why they are not doing their jobs. This way he can get anything he wants by executive order. From his track record would you expect anything less? By Anonymous on 06-04-14 at 10:44pm
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